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For us at Claphams, caring for our environment is not just an optional add-on, it is a fundamental part of our approach to landscaping and our other services. We ensure we do no harm and where possible we improve the habitat for wildlife. This will also benefit our clients, the locations where we work and the wider environment. Our commitment is shown by working to achieve ISO 140001 accreditation - a standard that relates to environmental management. It demonstrates our commitment to minimise any negative impact on the environment, to comply with existing laws and strive to continually improve.

“A healthy, properly functioning natural environment is the foundation of sustained economic growth, prospering communities and personal wellbeing.”
HM Government (2011) The Natural Choice: securing the value of nature

How we protect the environment
The amount of garden waste sent to landfill in the UK annually is the equivalent of filling the Royal Albert Hall 70 times over! (Source: Recycle Now) Examples of activities that help us to reduce our impact on the environment include separating waste to minimise landfill and sending green waste to composting sites. We reduce the amount of green waste generated by grass cutting by using mulching mowers and we use organic compost from recycled green waste. We’re able to reduce our carbon footprint by having localized depots, which cuts down the distance vehicles need to travel.

Before carrying out any work at a client’s location, we carry out initial on-site assessments of existing plants and animals. This enables us to identify any protected species and ensure that the design incorporates plans for their continued success. We will specify the correct plant species for the microclimate. Our planting schemes will provide lasting displays of species carefully selected to be suitable for soil type, prevailing weather conditions and the available level of maintenance. We’ve even be called in to rescue schemes and to re-plant where other contractors were not so careful. By careful choice of plants we can also create habitats that will promote wildlife development.

Water management
Water is one of our most precious commodities. Claphams always plans to use it effectively, not just to protect the environment, but also to reduce maintenance and costs for our clients. For example, we reduce water usage by using ‘leaky pipe’ technology for watering. We can also reduce moisture evaporation, reducing the need for watering, by using organic and inorganic mulches around planting. Rainwater run-off is one of the main causes of localised flooding. Did you know that native plants are much better than lawns at reducing run-off? Our designs reduce the risk of pluvial flooding by incorporating permeable hard surfaces to reduce run-off. In soft landscaping we would plan to make effective use of expansion ponds in streams and ditches.

A Sustainable Community
It is a fundamental part of our ethos at Claphams that we encourage the personal development and advancement of our employees. This in turn creates a stable and enthusiastic workforce. We also invest in the wider community by supporting and sponsoring local charities and sports clubs. From time to time, Claphams Directors choose a charity or local sports club to support. In the past this has been as diverse as Marie Curie, NSPCC and Ledbury Junior Rugby.

If you share our concerns about environmentally
friendly approach to landscaping,
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